JPM – JP Morgan Chase



JPM is one of the largest and most influential banks in the world, both in its economic impact and in its close affiliation with the most important exchange insiders. It has 3.61 billion shares outstanding and at around 66 dollars a share, has a very low PE ratio of 11.22. This stock, by its very nature, is part and parcel of the exchange hierarchical system. In examining a longer term chart of JPM, one can notice the massive accumulations of the stock in March, 2009, under the 20 level. Much of this was unloaded above the 40 level over the next couple years, and then sold short and re accumulated on heavy volume in May, 2012. It has rallied ever since,never coming near the under 40 level, and is currently in the mid 60’s. Notice how the volume has been relatively light since 2012, with mostly modest pullbacks, correlating with the market China, Brexit etc. Similar to many Dow and S&P 500 stocks, JPM has still not revealed the heavy distribution and short selling that would signal a more sustained and debilitating decline. And know that declines of 8-10 points in JPM, contribute 53-66 point declines in the Dow average, which help scare investors out of the market. More updates will follow with further analysis.