Learn To Trade

never stop learning concept on blackboard

Trading is a very unique profession, a lot of the theory is debatable (at best) and much of what you find on the internet is pure fluff – If there is one thing you should take away from this page and keep in your memory is that is that the markets are not static and neither should you be! Professional Traders never stop learning, mainly because the markets evolve year on year and even seasonally, take “Summer Trading” for instance where liquidity can be more erratic and strategies often have to be adjusted to suit the current market conditions – Whilst many aspects can be taught, there are certain areas takes experience, time and then some!

Over the years we´ve been asked repetitively to disclose “how we trade”, “why we trade in the way we do” and a multitude of other questions about the technicalities of our Trading. We decided to put pen to paper and actually document the full thought process and all the technical details behind the actual trading – We developed the Learn To Trade course series which gives a thorough basis for anyone to trade off, from the ground basics right up to the actual trade setups we use. We know full well that this information will take your Trading to a completely new level.

  • Complete course from A-Z
  • Getting started essentials
  • Simple step by step system
  • Trade setups that show consistently
  • Price Action Technicals – Learn how to truly read charts without “indicators”
  • Management & a real plan of action
  • Advanced trading, Day Trading the S&P
  • Picking Stocks for long term gains

It depends on your current experience level, but one thing you will almost certainly have to do is to “change your way of thinking”. Think “buy low and sell high” for a start, I know it is simple concept that everyone understands but far too many novices start buying at the top of a “breakout area”, because they guess it is just going to continue upwards…How many times have you done this and lost money?.. These are often traps, traps we show you how to trade. There´s a learning curve and believe me, it´s a steep one! It will get steeper still if you continue on the “indicator search”, “too many charts”, “too many instruments” and simply trying to act like you think a professional trader acts….It´s not all 8 screen setups watching 15 different instruments on multiple time-frames…. believe me.  You´ll waste so much time, and confuse yourself more than necessary, when you could be focussing on the real price action and learning to read the footprint that all stocks have … and most importantly of all, Volume!  You’ll be surprised when you find out the facts of a real Professional Trader….

The course is a fixed fee of 499$ and includes lifetime access to the material and dedicated support. The material is supplied via PDF files which are both visual and technical. Support is given live via email and also in the Private Members Forum where you will find all updates and full Q&A sessions with members new and old.

EVERYTHING is fully explained and compiled in a way that is easy to follow and learn as you go along. Members have the possibility to discuss any of the course material live and direct with us at any time. We know outright that within a short space of time things will sit in place for you, and if you have any questions or concerns we are right on hand to guide you.