MSFT – Microsoft Surge


MSFT has 7.79 billion shares outstanding, and a market cap of 453 billion dollars, and is an obvious favorite of exchange insiders, and has been since the 1980’s. The recent long trend rally which began around the 30 price level in mid 2013, has the stock just about at all time highs. An similar to CSCO, BAC and other large cap stocks with extremely high levels of outstanding shares, MSFT has basically become a somewhat slower moving lower price stock. The market makers have so much inventory at their disposal, that they and the insiders can make just as much profit with smaller moves as they did when MSFT moved greater amounts in it’s earlier years. Similar to the way AAPL is starting to become. And although volume has been somewhat high here and there in this rally, it is nowhere near the incredibly massive volume of the 2008 collapse, when the most important insiders accumulated huge amounts of stock under the 20 level, when it seemed Armageddon was just around the corner. But when you can print money at will even Armageddon can be paid off.

We can probably still some upside in MSFT, before absolute signs of heavy distribution appear with of course massive short selling , and the accompanying bad news and events that will signal the moves down and in the general markets.

Recent comments about MSFT, such as, “Despite revenue slowdown, Microsoft price has surged over the last two years, thanks to the market’s high expectations from CEO Satya Nadella”. I’m fairly certain it “surged” due to the massive holdings of insiders in this issue. Expect updates in the near future on MSFT.